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Hi my name is Helen, and I live in the South East of England with my husband and young daughter. I’ve always seemed to enjoy being organised– my A4 notebook is my lifeline –without it I’d be completely lost!

Even as a child I liked categorising toys- teddies in one corner, Sindys in another (showing my age) So it’s no surprise that I ended up with a detail-driven degree ( Economics) and a spreadsheet heavy job. ( You can’t beat a good spreadsheet!)


Getting Organised

What’s the benefits to being organised? The whole point of this blog is to make your daily life easier- not to reach impossible show-home levels, but what’s manageable for you.

I also have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). A lot of people think OCD is just about washing your hands a lot, but it does also have its roots in ordering as well as contamination (think David Beckham and how his wife Victoria says he likes to line things up in the cupboards). It was pretty bad at one point and found the contamination side of my OCD was getting too far out of hand. I managed to get some therapy on the NHS with a great support group and I’m far more on an even keel now.

I suppose with OCD, I am built to be this way- but everything in moderation! I definitely find that having my life (and house) in order helps with my mental state, and I’ve heard many people voice the same thing.

So if you feel you need some help with decluttering, being more organised or just getting a good household routine in place, stick around and have a look at any posts that interest you!



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